I came across this infographic sometime ago about how money alone cannot motivate an employee and I’m beginning to really grasp this concept.

Money works up to a certain point, after that other forms of motivation come into play, for whatever reasons you may have.

I know that we are lucky enough to have a choice, educated enough to make a decision in how much of your life is occupied by work. As a young adult in Singapore, I’m not exactly working to support a family or to get out of poverty and this is a real privilege that too many people take for granted.

The next book I’m going to get will be a marketing book, two that have been on my MUST READ LIST are: The Tipping Point & Blue Ocean Strategy. I also have a serious interest in Globalization and its effects on marketing.. I’m such a geek.

The thing is that Marketing does genuinely interest me. I love conceptualizing plans and strategies, down to their minute details and then of course, seeing the results.

But being a marketing executive, you don’t really get to do all of that yet. That doesn’t mean that I can’t become as knowledgable as I possibly can before that opportunity lands on my lap.