Tea time

One of the things that has come from befriending ppl who are worldlier then ourselves has been tea appreciation.

Every time we are in KL, we are spoilt with amazing tea made by our dear friends and we finally managed to get together to have tea at the source.

Momo & MooMoo / Tea Bone Zen Mind @ 43 Middle Road



Carrie was lovely enough to make some tea for us (: They were all really delightful.



Tea eggs – There’s the pasar malam (night market) kind and then there’s the atas (high class) kind, which you can find here. Trust me, after you’ve had these, NOTHING ELSE compares.


Delish cucumber sandwiches – these little beauties contain finely sliced cucumber with seaweed sprinkles – all within soft as clouds, tightly packed white bread. Perfect.


My Masala tea – I’ve had masala tea MANY times before, but this one had to be the best.


Next time I go, I’m going to get this – Lychee Ginger Iced tea. The flavor is just perfect.

I could not ask for a better way to spend a hot-as-hell Saturday afternoon in Singapore. So before you scoff at someone who suggests that you have tea, go visit this place!

All images courtesy of my very talented friend Ade.


Tea time