I am love.

Some places, some things, some people,
They don’t force themselves upon you.
They don’t try to make you fall in love with them,
you simply do.

They charm you.
Be it with their graffiti lined walls,
Their smell, their smile, they find their way into your heart,
And before you know it, you’re in love.

It’s an amazing feat in this day and age,
When all of us are impenetrable fortresses.
Refusing to rely on anything but ourselves,
Our money and our experiences.

I forget to be open,
I forget to be mindful,
I forget to be grateful.
Life is amazing and we are so, so lucky.

But when I don’t expect it, and sometimes when I do,
I fall deeply in love with my surroundings,
With places, with things, with people.
I let them in, and I am never sorry.

Cause love goes straight to your soul,
It changes something deep inside.
You may not realise it right away,
But you always give something away when you fall in love.

And it’s ok, there’s always more to go around.
Love truly is limitless, and there is nothing that brings me more joy
Than the incomparable happiness I feel
When I fall in love.

I am love.

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