Getting out

Today’s meditation: Getting out of motions. NOT being a machine that only waits for work. Doing more. Achieving more. 

I love the silence of writing.
The feeling of letting words go.
The little ticker tape sounds of k e y s
and nothing else.

Sometimes I think of responses that could really hurt people
but I choose not to say them.
“You don’t actually want me to do that… You don’t want me to end up like them…
bitter, hurt, alone, dying yet living.”

You think of only the positive outcomes. I think only of the negative. Is that wrong?

Maybe others should have my caution.
I err on the side of it. I live carefully.
It’s just my nature.
I try not to hurt people, animals – the largest paradox is that I eat meat.
For purely selfish reasons. Maybe if I had a personal chef, I’d go vegan.

I write because I love to.
I may not be exceptionally good at it… but I enjoy it.
Some people don’t like doing things for the joy of it, if they aren’t great at it.
There will always be someone better though.
So you might as well go about life not giving a fuck.
Doing things because you enjoy them.

I’ve learnt to find joy in the daily tasks.
Who says you have to travel the world to experience life?
I’ve spent some time looking inwards and what have I found?

I need to stop watching so much TV, spend more time with family,
more time with myself, doing things that I love.
Work takes up 50 hours a week, then what?

Cook, bake, clean, exercise… 10 hours gone.
Sleep – another 40 hours.
How am I spending the other 68 hours I have in a week?

I hope to start spending them better.
Build something worthwhile… become better.
Better granddaughter, niece, better person, listener, writer, marketer, painter.
How did we get into the motions of nothing?
How do we get out?


Getting out

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