We overflow

Sometimes I feel like there is too much greatness between us.

That you are so full of life on your own.
That when you’re with me, you overflow.
There’s no space left in you for
the greatness in me.

We are each other’s lifebuoys
but we’re not the right size.

There are things we need to do,
emotions we need to get rid off,
loads that we need to dump,
and it can’t be done with us together.

Are we running from the
only real thing we’ve ever had?

As though accepting it would mean
that we are diminished flames,
kept in cages by
torturing winds and caps of snow. Then, yes.

But it’s not wrong.
I overflow, he overflows.

We can only fit, when we are each the right size.
Be it in this lifetime or the next.
There will always be something there,
where there is nothing now.

We overflow

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