Before I met you

You always leave something behind.

Some days when I wake up alone in my bed, I feel haunted.
Accompanied by the pieces that I have taken from the men I’ve been with.
Their stories – of their past loves, families, homes, dreams, futures

There is a heaviness that comes with sharing your bed with people.
There is a responsibility to keep that vulnerability safe.

I enjoy seeing men like this, wanting, needing me.
Taking me in, becoming familiar with my scent and taste, then craving it.

I always thought that being with someone was nice.
when you’re young and frivolous, you don’t think about the heaviness you’ll feel someday,
even if you know its coming.

someday, you get tired of sharing yourself, you want there to just be someone constant.
someone worthy, interesting, unfailing. that’s it really, at the end of the day, that’s the only thing we want.
someone who’s actually there.

Before I met you

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