Silent hands of the night; like your sweet caress
Engulf me in their intoxicating bliss of peace
Take me into their gentle folds and surround me
No longer do I feel the cold, no longer am I alone

Secret songs play in the air; like your whisper
Deemed to be a soft siren, I am hypnotized
Mesmerized by the enchanting melody of pain
I listen, I linger and I no longer feel the need to cry

Dreams of a faraway place; like your face
Creep in and out of my sleep, confusing me
The fine line between reality and fantasy dissipates
I lull in between both worlds, never fully conscious

Sore and aching I lay down; like I have with you
I seem to be awake, I seem to be asleep; all assumptions
I’m numb to the world, to you; to this confusion I’m blind
Sleepless nights and endless days, save me. I’m wasted.

It’s hard to believe that I wrote this 8 years ago. I need to start writing again.


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