A thousand nights

1. Bear. He calls, often. He asks me over, often. He’s useful, he’s not needy and he makes me laugh. He takes me for granted, I tell him off, we put it away. It’s all ok, He’s ok. He grunts in his sleep sometimes, but he doesn’t snore. He’s peaceful, works hard and takes care of my needs. Bears are really nice to have around, they may not be exciting, but sometimes a girl just needs that.

2. Dog. He’s warm and friendly, but his best friend is work. When I am there he is present, but he hardly has time for that. He makes for good conversation, over the phone, in person. That is nice, I like to converse. He holds me after, not everyone likes that. I like to think that he wants to be sincere, just that he has no time to be. I let him be.

3. Jaguar. I can’t tame him, and I don’t try. I like him wild, smooth, fast in a controlled frenzy that he achieves. He knows what he wants and he takes it. He took me and I gave in, probably because I like to be wanted. He fed a flame, it burned bright, but it was fleeting. He says he will come by again, but I don’t count on it. Because you can’t expect things from jaguars, they run away far too quickly for you to catch.

4. Danger. I could fall in love with you, so very easily, if you let me. But I don’t know if you feel the same. How will I ever know? You have never told me. You have never tried. It was just a weekend, but that’s all it takes. I could talk to you for days and take you in for days more. Every piece, every part, I don’t want you to come back. Because if you do, I won’t be able to let go of you again. Let it be, leave me with this impression in my heart, because that will fade. You will fade and be a memory one day, don’t come back. (Please come back).

A thousand nights

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