There’s something that’s amazing about films, books and music. They are oftentimes someones attempt to reach out – to get a message across to you. And when you find something that touches you, something that is able to mean something to you, it becomes special.

I’ve always found that you can catch a glimpse of someone when you discuss these topics with them – what their favorites are, what it means to them and why. We are often so busy putting on a front, that we forget how to feel – at least I know I do.

I just watched I Am Love, and I know that I had just blogged about like 4 other movies earlier, but this one – this one is special.

Tilda Swinton did an amazing job, you can read scripts in her eyes – the character she carries is just so real, so heavy – not light and fleeting as though she is just acting it.

I haven’t felt this way after a movie since I watched La Vie En Rose, great stuff.


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