1. Mix

One of my fav music blogs just put up a bunch of summery indie songs for d/l – this has to be my fav collection from them so far.

All individual tracks.

Go here

2. BOY

BOY is the new project of Zurich, Switzerland born singer Valeska Steiner. Consisting of her and her Hamburg based friend Sonja Glass.

I love their buoyant sound, that makes me feel like clapping my hands and dancing around.

Listen on their MySpace page & here’s my fav.

3. Trentemoller

Now, everyone know this mix that Anders Trentemøller did for Royskopp,

but we were just discussing him over the last weekend and I searched for more of his stuff. Its pretty good.

Get the album here.

4. Gardens & Villa

Just discovered Gardens & Villa, you can get their first single here (right click & save as).

And if you like it, the album here.

According to them, their genres are: Concrete / Freestyle / Glam. Wow, I don’t even know what that means.

5. Shook – Remixes

Really liking remixes coming out of Shook’s machines right now – really easy listening kind of stuff. I really like this one for Fallulah, but that’s mainly because her name sounds like a friend of mine’s, Ballulah.

Find more here.


After this really long and super awesome weekend, I have to go back to work tomorrow.


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