The return of handmade

I was reading this interesting article in The Monocle about how people seem to be returning to handmade goods – or at least goods that are made in small quantities.

This is an interesting observation in consumption patterns. There was a time, not too long ago when things started becoming produced in factories. It was economical – higher volume = lower cost price = higher profit margins. Remember learning that in school?

But it seems that with the knowledge, and choices that we get today, more people are seeing the benefits of buying handmade and the drawbacks of buying things that are made in bulk. May this be quality, branding or ideology.

Many more stores are joining this bandwagon – producing high quality goods, at higher prices, but made out of good materials, and with really nice branding.

It makes sense, more money and time goes into the production of each item, so naturally, it will have to cost more.

With the money that we are earning, it makes sense that we want to invest in things  – investing means that the goods that we purchase will last longer, serve us better. And maybe even be passed down to someone else who will have a use for it.

I think its intriguing to see the interest of the consumer change – its a revolution of sorts, and it doesn’t happen everyday.

The return of handmade

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